In Valnerina the cycle of the year begins by offering spiritual moments through Christmas Living Cribs and Easter Holy Performances, which give the audience the possibility of rediscovering the simplicity and the joy of ancient rites and customs. Solemn are the Festivals in honour of the Saints: St. Rita da Cascia and St Benedict da Norcia.
The rich history of the work in the fields and the wood flavours are celebrated during the whole year through Shows and National Gastronomic Fairs. In such occasions you can taste the produce of the mountains.
Spring and Summer are good periods to discover the pleasure of living outdoor like walking along plateaus outlined by cultivations or along natural valleys crossed by the river Nera. At evening you can make a stop in some cheerful village fair. The cycle of the year ends with the bonfires called “Faoni” and with greetings folk songs called “Pasquarelle”.

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